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Owls confirmed to be the creepiest birds ever. LOOK AT THE FUCKING THINGS. If you fail to notice the one on the left fucking SWALLOWING a rat, then you have the dude singing some satanic chant or something next to him, and then you have those two other fucking psychos synchronized to make you feel creeped the fuck out with their soulless dance of FUCKING DOOM.

I really am tempted to reblog this every time it’s on my dash. That description is one of the best things on the internet.


Yeahhhh, I want this on my blog again.

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i don’t understand why some people want the power to freeze things or fly or be invisible

dude imagine if you could stop time

like you could literally just stop time for a year and just do nothing or write a book

or you could stop time at night and literally have a full night’s worth of sleep in less than a second

you’d have so much time to do whatever you want

wow, i could get even more procrastinating done!


I’m into guys that not all of the girls want.  The quiet ones that no one really notices.  The nerdy ones that can be really smart and sexy at the same time.  The ones everyone call “weird” and “strange”. I’d much rather date the cute, shy guy with the glasses, than the arrogant, jock with the nice abs.  I don’t care if you’re super skinny or overweight.  If you’re sweet and treat me well and respect me, then you can have me.

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